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One Day Off-Grid in San Luis Obispo

One Day Off-Grid in San Luis Obispo

Nestled in the heart of California is laidback San Luis Obispo. Affectionately dubbed “SLO Cal,” it’s a place that champions rest and recreation. Inhale the crisp coastal air, savor local flavors, lounge on the beach and drink in a beautiful view. San Luis Obispo is the perfect place to catch your breath and escape from the hustle-and-bustle of everyday life.

We highly recommend staying at Canyon Fruit Ranch. The oak-crowned hills and 100 year-old apple tree orchard is a spectacular place for a campsite—and a Bowlus prepared breakfast under the awning. From baby goats and fresh autumn apples to the winery that’s just thirty seconds down the road, Canyon Fruit Ranch is a destination unto itself. It’s also a great leaping off point for your adventures.

Only thirty minutes away from the campsite is the seaside fishing village Morro Bay. There, you can kayak with sea otters and sea lions. You’ll also find urban delights like local craft brews, wine bars, boutiques and more. We recommend dining at the Blue Sky Bistro on the Bay, which, in addition to offering a distinctive palate of fresh seafood, sandwiches and all-day breakfast, is dog-friendly! Whether or not you bring your furry companion, consider want to sitting on the patio anyway, since that will give you a view of Morro Rock.

Head back toward San Luis Obispo, where you can either do some more exploring (museums, public art installations, the bizarre Bubblegum Alley) or hit Bob Jones Bike Trail. This city to sea bike trail starts right near the 101 and cruises all the way to Avila Beach. To get there, exit US101 at Avila Beach and turn toward Ontario Road. Head past the KOA campground and you’ll see a parking lot off to the right where you can park the Bowlus. On your bikes, you can follow the trail to the corner of First Street and Avila Beach Drive (downtown). It’s easy to store your bikes in the Bowlus, but if you would rather rent, Wally’s Bike Rentals and Joe Momma’s Beachstay Bike Rentals are downtown. You can follow the trail back up toward the city, and end your ride at Avila Hot Springs.

After a full day of exploration, you’ll be glad to come back to your cozy Bowlus at the campsite. Canyon Fruit Ranch is located in a zero light pollution zone. If your trip takes place when the moon is new, gibbous or crescent, be sure to bring your binoculars and starchart to make the most of this stargazer’s paradise. The skies will be clearest when the air is cold and crisp. The Bowlus, of course, will be waiting for you with heated floors, an endless hot water shower and cozy Libeco linens. It’s a splendid ending to a splendid day.