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Bowlus Road Chief

When you invest in an RV, you should expect to enjoy it whenever you want. That means it is critical it should stand for every season, or as we say, “four seasons of camping.” Unfortunately, that is rarely the case. While any RV can act as a shell against a winter storm, most RVs are no more than rigid tents with questionable heat and no water or toilet facilities. They just are simply not designed for winter camping. They are the definition of roughing it and will not protect you when the temperatures fall to frostbite. This is particularly concerning in these times where winter has often become colder and longer than we have traditionally experienced.

The Bowlus is the only way to have the most exclusive winter experiences. Did someone just say, “hot chocolate and game night?” Yes, please! Nothing is better than skipping the exhausting drive back to the chalet. So go ahead and get that last run in or, even better, wake up at the base so you can get fresh tracks before anyone else. Our owners report their personal favorite experiences include “après ski with friends after a big day” ”steamy showers” and lots of “streaming the latest Netflix, Prime and Hulu cozied up, while flakes swirl around [their] polished cocoon of comfort.”

Bowlus Road Chief

 So You Love the Snow?

So first let’s address the scenario where you love winter. We know you—you’re brushing off the cobwebs and tuning the equipment right around first snowfall for the season. But that doesn’t mean you want to leave comfort behind. Just because you’re loving those winter activities doesn’t mean you want to see your breath in your RV with no ability to refresh and relax with a shower. It doesn’t mean you want to eat cold food off plastic plates because you don’t have the use of water (never mind hot water). And perhaps most importantly, winter camping shouldn’t mean that you have go to sleep worried you will be freezing in the morning. The Bowlus is your perfect cocoon against any weather. A Bowlus provides perfect temperatures, running water (and yes a working toilet) and no worries that your lines and tanks will freeze because they run outside the unit.

Even better, the Bowlus is your mobile Airbnb, favorite chalet or whatever your preferred accommodations are. When you get that dump alert and everything books up, you know that no one is keeping you off the hill or making you compromise by staying hours away and getting up at 3am for the best powder. We had one owner who kept a tent in his car for this exact reason every time he skied Big Bear. A Road Chief will be your best guide to every winter adventure.

Many ski hills are now permitting overnight parking and camping very close to the runs. The Bowlus is your own ski-in, ski-out chalet—but even better, you can bring it to every hill. A family of our owners who are IKON pass holders love taking their Bowlus to the 38 unique destinations and having the best access to this unique exclusive experience. Over spring break they hit up 3 locations! And parking close by means you can grab first chair and hit the fresh powder. When you’re done, you can retreat to your Bowlus - talk about the ultimate après ski experience.

Bowlus Road Chief

 So You’re Not Too Sure You Love the Snow?

Now we also have folks who say “I don’t really like the snow, and we live where it doesn’t really snow so why would four season camping matter to me?” We just have to point to the last few winters to understand that even if you wouldn’t describe yourself as a snow lover, you want an RV that can support you in a moment’s notice. Like the call we got from one of our freshly minted grandparents who were babysitting their first grandchild when one of those vicious polar vortexes hit. Their beloved farmhouse electrical system couldn’t support a killer generator and they were blacked out. While others struggled to get out of state hotels via icy roads, our owners (and their new grandchild) were snuggled in their Bowlus where they enjoyed a delightful weekend holding temps of 70 to 74 degrees as a foot and a half of snow came down. In their 35 years on the farm, they had never experienced more than a dusting. We want you prepared for any eventuality, knowing you have options with the Bowlus as your protection.

Even better, you may love exploring the desert in the winter when crowds are small and the temperature is more manageable for all of the activities you love to do like hiking, rock climbing, etc. We certainly love visiting Zion when the road is open to private cars, and Joshua Tree for amazing bouldering. But at night in desert environments, temperatures can freeze. With any other RV you are at risk of damaging the system as the temperature plummets overnight when pipes freeze and burst. Nevermind waking up freezing. With a Bowlus, you do not need to be concerned about this. Keeping the interior warm means you are covered even if the temperature drops below freezing, and we can certainly sleep better with that knowledge.

Same goes for those who love exploring at elevation. Even when the temperature seems favorable, elevation temperature can change, and if that happens you want to be focused on your mission of exploration, not the fact you have to pack up and head down to more favorable temperatures. This means you can explore Yosemite and Sequoia in the winter, and parks like Denali all season long.

The Bowlus may be born and built in California but it was cold-weather tested in the Canadian north, upstate New York, Montana and on an extended trip to the Rockies before our owners ever started on their cold-weather adventures. Be confident and grab the snowshoes, skis and boards, and camp beside the fresh powder. Even if winter isn’t your bag, know when weather hits and temperatures dive that you're protected against the elements. Don’t you deserve that? A Bowlus not only offers more exclusive travel experiences, it also protects you from conditions you might have thought of and those you never even considered.

Bowlus Road Chief

The Technical

The Bowlus lets you explore our glorious backcountry without leaving your comforts behind. The Bowlus' programmable, dual heating system that runs off of both propane and 120V lets you indulge in a temperature perfect environment with radiant heat, heated floors, true hot water and a fully functioning toilet—even when you’re off grid. Set your desired temperature and the Bowlus will maintain it even in the most furious of storms. The secret to the Bowlus' 4-season prowess is our monocoque design (which no other travel trailer has). Due to all of the systems being contained inside the shell, pipes are not at risk of freezing during your use.

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