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“How Should We Go?”

“How Should We Go?”

We live in a day and age where you can pick your destination and plan your route in minutes. Although we all tend to start each trip planning session with a destination in mind, we like to use a more thoughtful process. It starts with the much more challenging question: “how should we go?”

How you will go is all about thinking about the real intention of your adventure. It is a really important consideration so that you feel completely fulfilled by trip’s end. We’ve found that adventures can feed our souls, strengthen our bonds with loved ones, connect us with nature, teach us new skills and make us new friends.  We’ve discovered the secret and we’re about to share it with you so that your next adventure will also reward you on a much deeper level.

We would ask you to consider that before planning the “where,” you consider starting with the “how”; the intention of your adventure. Maybe you wish to blow up your comfort zone, push some limits or find some peace to fire up your next big idea. Make a note of that specific intention and then think of the amazing places that could make that happen.

Last summer my brother and I talked about the intention of physically challenging ourselves, so climbing Mt. Whitney in a day seemed a good fit. With no cell reception, we found ourselves focusing on how the challenging terrain and changing conditions affected our ability to power through. When we successfully returned to the parking lot late that night, we both expressed how we got to know each other a little more. We had a better appreciation of the character traits in each other and ourselves. Even better, we both felt a newfound confidence. The next time we face a great challenge, we know our inner voice will calmly whisper, “You got this.”

How can you start on your path to mindful adventures? To focus on your intention, consider de-digitizing so you can enjoy some clarity of thought without constant interruptions. Those habits of checking your Facebook, the news or even your email can usually wait a few hours (if not a day). Slow your thoughts. Be tactile. Rediscover analog pleasures. We love when owners share their Bowlus journals filled with their experiences and thoughts. Travel should allow for time to be attentive to the experiences and people you love. Adventures should broaden your mind. They should expand your heart.

Keep your intentions simple and honestly shared with your fellow adventurers. Along the way, it is always good to check in to make sure what you are doing is what everyone really wants. That way, whatever you discover will be all you’d imagined. And if you’re fortunate, even a little bit more.

Be your adventure!