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Which RV Camper Is Right For You? Find Your Match Today

Which RV Camper Is Right For You? Find Your Match Today

If you’re ready to expand your horizons and invest in your camping future by purchasing an RV camper, we’re so excited you’ve turned to us for advice! 


As a company that takes traveling very seriously, all of us here at Bowlus would love to help you find your perfect camper match. In terms of which RV camper really is right for you, we have a list of the top questions you should ask yourself as you’re checking out your options.

What Actually Is An RV Camper?


The first question you might be asking yourself is, what exactly is an RV camper, and why should I invest in one instead of just camping in a tent?


The answer to that is simple. It really all comes down to what you’re looking for in your perfect camping experience and what camping really means to you. 


If you’re someone who enjoys boondocking, traveling in an RV Camper can still be the right option for you. Traveling in a travel trailer is a slightly more upscale experience and doesn’t necessarily adhere to the “classic” definition of what some people think camping is or should be. But a Bowlus travel trailer can take you off the grid for at least a week without needing a power hookup due to our lithium batteries. If you’re looking for solitude out in nature, a travel trailer is a great way to do that. 


An RV camper is a type of recreational vehicle. While there are many different types of RVs, campers are specifically designed to be towed behind another vehicle and are not self-powered. RV campers are designed with their amenities in mind and are meant to essentially be living accommodations on wheels. 

Where Should I Start?


There are a few questions to ask yourself when you start to look into purchasing your own RV camper. Each will help you to get just a little bit closer to really figuring out what is important to you and what you can live without. 


Question One: How Often Do You Plan To Camp In Your RV Camper?


The first question you should ask yourself to guide your decision-making process is how often you plan on using your camper. Start planning your trips now so that you’re ready to hit the road as soon as you get your travel trailer! 


Question Two: How Do You Plan On Towing Your RV Camper?


Because RV campers aren’t motorized and require the use of a second vehicle to tow it, it’s also important to take a look at how you plan to do that. The type of vehicle that you need really will depend on the size and weight of the camper you intend on purchasing, as well as your vehicle’s towing capacity


If you want a larger, heavier travel trailer, are you willing to also upgrade your vehicle? Many people go with a lighter camper for that exact reason, as many of them can be towed with an SUV or even a car. Bowlus is the perfect option here because our lightweight, aerodynamic design makes for the easiest towing experience out there. 


Question Three: How Many People Will You Be Camping With Regularly?


While the number of people traveling with you doesn’t really matter, it helps you better decide on a variety of different factors— how big your travel trailer should be, how many sleeping areas you need, how large you want your kitchen, etc. 


Your Bowlus travel trailer has plenty of space, with a master bedroom that sleeps two (whether in the memory-foam topped king-sized bed or by separating it into two twins). We also feature two convertible sleeping berths out in the living area, so you’ll have space for everyone that you’ve decided to bring with you. 


Question Four: What Amenities Are Important To You?


The final question to ask yourself is what amenities are important to you.


The Bedroom


For many, the bedroom and sleeping arrangements offered are the most important amenity they consider when looking at purchasing an RV camper. Luckily, you know that you’re getting the ultimate comfort when you choose a Bowlus travel trailer.


It’s often about two factors—comfort and amount of places to sleep. We’ve already gone over the sleeping arrangements in a Bowlus, but did we mention that the master bedroom sections off from the rest of the trailer for some added privacy and that it comes equipped with heating and cooling fans so that you’ll always have the perfect sleeping temperature? Not to mention the wood paneling and reading lights that ensure you’ll be enjoying every moment.


The Kitchen


The second amenity to take into consideration is the kitchen. Depending on how much cooking you plan to do while you’re on the road, a good-sized kitchen is another important factor when purchasing your new RV. 


A Bowlus travel trailer features high-end kitchen amenities, including a two-burner stovetop and plenty of storage space for all your cooking needs. You can even prep your food comfortably on the stainless steel countertops, so you can prepare all the gourmet meals that your heart desires.


The Bathroom


The final consideration is the bathroom. In fact, showering is what many people list as the most important amenity that they look for. Luckily, with Bowlus, you’re getting a hotel-style bathroom complete with teak seating and flooring for the ultimate bathroom experience, even while you’re on the road. 


If you’re interested in outdoor showers, our Italian marine showerhead can extend outside the trailer to give you continuous hot water while you enjoy the natural beauty surrounding you. As if that wasn’t enough, the toilet and the shower are also sectioned off so that both can be used at once, making for maximum ease when traveling with multiple people.


So, what can you live without, and what amenities do you consider essential? Give it some thought prior to really looking at your options so that you don’t end up with an RV camper that doesn’t excite you or meet all of your needs. 


RV Camper Size


With your answers to the above questions in mind, you’ll have to some of the decisions you’ll have to make to end up with the best travel trailer for your specific needs.


The size not only has to do with the number of people that you can comfortably fit in the trailer but also how easy the camper will be to steer, back into a lot, and find a campsite that it will fit into (although a Bowlus is so easy to drive with, you don’t really need to worry much about this). 


A Bowlus really is the perfect size. Our comfortable living area is spacious, you can seat four in the dining area, and you can even sleep four people comfortably. The master bedroom is full-length, so even the tallest people don’t have to worry about stretching out, and the shower is much roomier than you’d expect in another travel trailer. 

To Summarize…


The right RV camper for you needs to take into account a variety of different factors— your preferred amenities, regular travel partners, etc. Choosing the best size and style of camper can be the difference between a frustrating camping trip and a successful one.


That’s why we designed our Endless Highways Edition travel trailer to be a perfect mix of amenities, style, and comfort. Not only that, but our trailers can be personalized with stunning, bespoke details so that it exactly fits your personality and the kind of experience that you’re looking to have. We’re sure you’ll agree, and we’d love for you to be a part of our family. Happy shopping!