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I started looking at Airstreams some years back.

I started looking at Airstreams some years back.

I started looking at Airstreams some years back. My intention was to create a mobile lifestyle where I could easily spend prolonged periods of time away from my home base. I’m a painter and enjoy going to places to get inspiration for new art pieces.

In my online trailer searching I ran across the Bowlus website and was impressed. After speaking with them I was convinced that it was the best made travel trailer I’d seen to date. As an owner I’ve had plenty of opportunity to see that to be true. I’ve gotten to compare with other trailers out there and only gotten confirmation that I made the right choice. The quality of building materials really are something unique. The aerodynamic design is something that resembles that of an airplane and the use of 2024 T3 alloy(same used for aircraft today) underscores that beautifully. The ease of hitching up and towing are in my opinion unrivaled.

Since I received my Bowlus on November 1st 2017, I’ve gone on numerous camping and road trips. It is such a pleasure to tow and so comfortable to relax and sleep in. I’ve taken it from The west coast all the way to Miami and back, several road trips from Seattle to Palm Springs and last summer a trip to Wyoming, and to numerous short distance camping areas in Washington state in the past year….and I’m just getting started. I’ve got my sights set on several national parks over the next year and lots of local camping. I have no problem spending prolonged periods of time in my Bowlus. I live in it comfortably and be ready to hitch up anytime the road calls. I’ve also made breakfast for 4 other friends in it and several have camped in it with me before. The Bowlus is built to give a lifetime of memories and that is my intention.