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Why Bowlus® is the Best Travel Trailer for 2022

Why Bowlus® is the Best Travel Trailer for 2022

Although it can feel like you have hundreds of choices of motorhomes, campers, vans, and travel trailers to choose from when you are making your RV purchasing decision, however, the reality is in 2022, your best choice is a Bowlus.

Although the Bowlus is often mistaken as a vintage travel trailer, it is, in fact, the world’s most advanced RV. Bowlus is the leader in lithium iron phosphate batteries that allow you a week of dry camping along with the ability to run the air-conditioning and the microwave off-grid. You are in complete comfort in the Endless Highways model, no matter where you choose to camp. The oversized private en suite bathroom in the Endless Highways Edition has everything you require, including yours and mine closets with a full-length mirror along with a massive shower. It is features like these that set the Bowlus is the definition of pure luxury in RVing. You can enjoy all the National Parks, State Parks, or any campground like a KOA with all the tech amenities that a Bowlus Endless Highways offers like a wifi amplifier and high-quality router. Never miss the latest episodes on Netflix and Amazon Prime or a critical work email.

The Bowlus uses materials that are of the highest quality for a best in class investment. No other aluminum travel trailer uses 2024 T3, which is the highest grade of aluminum and the same one you’ll find on an American airliner. Bowlus also uses true aircraft-grade construction methods. Others say they use “aircraft” like methods, but don’t be fooled; these travel trailers are built on steel frames and have a high degree of bimetallic corrosion. This doesn’t happen with your Bowlus since only aluminum is used on the incredibly strong armor-like shell. You will also find the interior components of a Bowlus are of “yacht” quality, not “RV” quality. With better made and better-designed components, you will not spend time “in the shop,” which is the primary complaint of many other travel trailers, motorhomes, and van owners.

The Bowlus is also the most hygienic of all RVs since all interior counters are made of stainless steel, and real wood is sealed on six sides. Bowlus never uses paper-based materials like ones found in Airstreams kitchen walls, which are impossible to clean and are the perfect breeding grounds for germs. The interior of a Bowlus is best cleaned with 70% alcohol, so you know you can enjoy a perfectly sanitized environment. A Bowlus has the best in class hygienic toilet system, so there is no need for the traditional disgusting stinky slinky where you place your hose in a communal sewer drain.

Top-quality means your investment in a Bowlus is long-lasting, and you will spend more time adventuring. As you consider purchasing a motorhome, camper, van, and travel trailer, you need to carefully consider your purchase for the long term and ensure they are buying the quality that reflects your desire to adventure well. With all this in mind, you will find that Bowlus is the right RV and travel trailer for 2022.