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Feature Highlight: Hitching For Newbies

Feature Highlight: Hitching For Newbies

A concern we hear from time to time about travel trailers is a worry over hitching. It’s really no surprise given that many of us carry some unfortunate memory, perhaps involving attempting to hitch up a Uhaul, a boat trailer, or even a travel trailer. The reality for most travel trailer manufacturers hitching is still a challenge that requires a degree of brute strength and a complicated procedure. When we designed the Bowlus, we had two major requirements: how could we make hitching safe and easy.

The first was to create a system that didn’t require massive strength nor the need to break a sweat. You’ll find that the Bowlus hitch can easily rise with a couple of turns of the red crank on the jockey wheel handle. Then you’re ready to either pull over the Bowlus by hand to the tow vehicle or back up to place the 2″ hitch ball directly under the coupler.

From there, you crank the coupler down and secure the ball with the latch and lock. Then connect your cables and safety cable pull up the jockey wheel again with a few easy turns. Then plug in your 7-pin plug and do a circle check to ensure all of your lights and connections are operational. Because it is properly weighted, a Bowlus doesn’t need any additional weight equalization or stabilization devices to correct design issues, so hitching is so much easier with a Bowlus. You can expect hitching to take you under a few minutes.

Setting up your tow vehicle to tow the Bowlus is very easy, and our fabulous orders team sends all the specifications so you can have someone locally set up your hitch well in advance of receiving your Bowlus.

You’ll find the Bowlus tows easily behind your vehicle, and you’ll often forget it is even there. It is that easy!