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Feature Highlight: Shower

Feature Highlight: Shower

A shower should be so much more than just a quick wash-up when you’re away. A good shower can be the precursor of the start of a wonderful day. A steamy one can help you noodle over a thought. A relaxing one can soothe a muscle or two after a challenging hike.

So what goes into making Bowlus the shower? The first, space, lots of space. The Bowlus is a sitting shower (finished in cozy, responsibly farmed teak) that allows you to stretch out your legs in comfort. It’s wide enough so a large adult can easily raise their arms to shampoo and condition their locks with space. There is a door and a shower curtain, so you can choose to keep the door closed if you wish to “up” the steam. The showerhead can be positioned for a continuous hands-free spray or used as a hand-held – good for washing hair, reaching those hard-to-reach places, or getting the beach out of your four-footed pal’s fur. You’ll also enjoy the right pounds per square inch of water pressure, outstanding pressure-balance, and if hooked up to a water supply and power supply, 53 minutes of hot water – enough for everyone to enjoy a long shower. We’ve also outfitted the shower with soap bottles, a clothing line for activewear, and outside you’ll find hooks for towels. You’ll also find a booster heater when you exit the shower so that you can keep that amazing just-showered feeling as you transition to your day.

Of course, if you’re dreaming of an outdoor shower, we’ve got you covered too. Bowlus sets the standard in design and quality so you can adventure on your terms.