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Why Should I Buy a Luxury RV?

Why Should I Buy a Luxury RV?

In the old days, camping was for hearty souls who needed little in the way of modern conveniences. That’s not the case today. There are still plenty of bare bones RVs on the market, but with a luxury RV you can hit the road and go RVing in style.

Depending on the class and the brand, a luxury land yacht can run you anywhere from $100,000 – $3 million. These units make a statement as they’re pulling into the campground. Without a doubt, a high end RV is an investment, but if you’re looking for a unit that will provide a lifetime of adventures and all the conveniences of home, a luxury RV is worth the price of admission.

Luxury RV Lifestyle
RVers invest in a luxury RV for many reasons, but most stem from a desire to live the RV lifestyle without skimping on the good things in life. A luxury RV can give you the same amazing experience that you’d find at a 5-star resort, especially when you set up camp in one of the many luxury resorts across the US. You’ll see a lot of million dollar (plus) Class A motorhomes in those top tier RV parks, but you don’t have to have a forty or forty-five foot motorcoach with multiple slide outs to rough it in luxury. Smaller travel trailers like the twenty-six foot Bowlus Endless Highways Edition and Terra Firma offer an uncompromising camping experience for those who are passionate about land travel.

Attention To Detail
Another reason people buy a luxury RV is because of the way they’re made. You can see and feel the attention to detail in higher end units that simply isn’t there in lesser, often mass-produced RVs. Whether you buy a luxury coach or a high end travel trailer, you’ll find they’re thoughtfully designed both in terms of the aesthetics and the functionality.

In true “you get what you pay for” fashion, luxury RVs use higher quality materials than your typical RV. On the outside, you’ll often find solid fiberglass walls, aluminum frames, and high quality insulation. Bowlus uses the highest grade of aluminum on our travel trailers. The aluminum on our shells is what you’d find on an airliner, and it’s held in place by over 5,000 expertly placed aircraft rivets.

On the inside of a high end RV, you’ll find durable, easy to clean flooring, top grade leather sofas and recliners, solid surface countertops, and real wood doors and cabinets – all top of the line finishes that you’d expect to see in any luxury home. Many of the best RV brands, like Bowlus, use marine grade materials that are known both for their luxury and their durability. Our hand-crafted travel trailers also feature durable stainless steel countertops, real birch wood on the walls and ceiling, and meticulously stitched furniture.

Luxury RV brands know how to design floorplans that maximize both comfort and performance. Far from the average small campers like teardrops, class B camper vans, or pop-ups, a luxury RV is set up to provide you with separate spaces to live, sleep, eat, work and play.

Best in Class Amenities
Every luxury RV on the market is packed with best in class amenities and upgrades that make your road life more enjoyable. You’ll find true chef’s kitchens, amazing entertaining spaces, and room to move around. Luxury RVs designed for full time living may even have a space for a washer and dryer.

When you travel in a luxury RV, you’ll have plenty of space in the bedroom and the bathroom. Private bedrooms and separate shower rooms are just two of the lavish amenities you’ll enjoy. For example, the Bowlus’ hotel style bathroom has a full shower with teak seating and flooring, and the Zen bedroom features a high-quality mattress with a memory foam top layer that converts from twins to a king-size bed.

The amenities don’t stop at the front door of a luxury RV. Most feature an outdoor kitchen, outdoor shower, and an awning. Your four-legged friends are also well cared for in a luxury RV. From pet monitoring systems to pet-friendly features like built in bowls and personalized beds, your furry companion will enjoy their camping experience as much as you.

Luxury RVs are also known for their state of the art technology. From routers and cellular boosters to integrated power management systems, you’ll be able to control your RV with the touch of a button, and often with an app. You can even work from the road in these high-tech units. For example, all Bowlus models have charging stations for your cell phone, tablet and laptop, and our travel trailers are equipped with a cellular booster. The Endless Highways Edition includes a robust router and an antenna pre-wired on the roof.

Luxury Means Sustainability
Luxury RV owners are often concerned about sustainability, so many of the RV manufacturers catering to these buyers use sustainable materials. We fabricate over 70% of every Bowlus in-house and we use sustainably sourced materials, including the responsibly farmed teak wood in the bathroom.

Sustainability goes beyond the walls of your RV – many smaller, lighter weight luxury travel trailers, like those made by Bowlus, mean you can enjoy a low or zero-emissions camping trip. The Bowlus weighs in at just 3,200 pounds dry, which means that you can tow the Endless Highways Edition or Terra Firma with your electric vehicle or many gas powered mid-size SUVs. The aerodynamic shape of our trailers has less drag, which means better fuel efficiency or battery range while towing. We’ve also included features like a smart brake controller that makes the Bowlus easier to handle than many of the other luxury class A, class C and fifth wheels on the market.

Luxury That Lasts a Lifetime
Luxury recreational vehicles typically last longer than conventional RVs because they’re made with higher quality materials and better construction techniques. You can expect that most will last between ten and twenty years, or 200,000-300,000 miles, though many Bowlus luxury travel trailers have become family heirlooms that are passed on from generation to generation.

The life of your RV is, in part, dependent on how well you care for it. To maximize the longevity of your unit, make sure it’s properly winterized and that you keep up with the scheduled maintenance for the tires, brake pads, and alignment. If you have a luxury motorhome, you’ll want to make sure to get the oil and fluids changed on a regular basis too.

When you hit the road, make sure you don’t over pack. Any weight over the GVWR increases the amount of wear and tear on your RV, which can shorten its life. How you store your unit is also key. RVs that are stored inside last longer than those that are outside all year. If you have to park your rig outdoors, invest in a cover to protect it from the sun and the elements.