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Memorize A Moment

Memorize A Moment

With the unofficial, end-of-summer, long weekend approaching, we’d like to suggest choosing one last summer moment to commit to our memory banks.

Memorize every detail—the sights, the sounds and the smells. Take the time to note the temperature and the light. Think about how it all feels. Roll this amazing scene over in your mind or write a journal entry to yourself in your head.

My summer ”moment” is about the desert. I love Joshua Tree National Park. It’s where I climbed my first “big” rock and celebrated some lifetime friendships last summer with a beautiful sound bath at the Integratron. What is your moment?

Some time in the next year bring that moment back when you need it most. Maybe you’re stuck on the 101 (that’s me) or in Holland Tunnel or you’re scrapping ice off (again) of a freezing the windshield. Take yourself back to your summer moment and know that it’s experiences like those that sustain us in the chaos of our week and make us dream for next summer.