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Feature Highlight: Flooring (Construction & Heating)

Feature Highlight: Flooring (Construction & Heating)

At Bowlus, we’re known for our innovations. Perhaps one of our best-loved innovations, besides the giant skylights and the incredible lithium iron phosphate Bowlus power system, is our heated floors.

There is something extraordinary when you wake up in the morning, knowing you won’t be experiencing popsicle toes as you’re brewing your first cup of coffee. There really is nothing like that feeling of warm feet (especially as we get a little older). We won’t reveal all of our secrets but know our heat is evenly distributed, so there are no “hot spots,” just a delightful feeling of warmth.

In case your four-footed pal is asking, there are two spots, especially for them to lounge where there is no heat – yes, we do like to appeal to “everyone.” One is where you’ll find your Terra Firma Pet Bed at the dinette seating and the second in the V between the twin/king bed in the stateroom. We do this since our research proved that only the most senior dogs like heated floors, and no one wants to listen to endless panting all night no matter how much you love your best friend.

The same heating system powers the silent radiant heat and the hot water, and no one has a system as outstanding nor as all-encompassing as the Bowlus.