Volterra’s Induction Cooktop Leaves More Time for Fun

Volterra’s Induction Cooktop Leaves More Time for Fun

When we designed the all-electric 2023 Bowlus Volterra, we ditched the propane tank entirely to ensure that our customers would be able to go RVing in a responsible, sustainable way. The choice to go all-electric meant we needed to rethink the way our customers would cook in the Volterra, so we replaced the traditional propane cooktop with an industry first induction cooktop.

Induction cooking is one of the hottest trends in kitchens everywhere, and now, with the Volterra, it’s available for the first time in a luxury travel trailer. Induction cooking is the most energy-efficient option on the market since it provides faster heating than conventional propane RV cooktops. This means you can serve friends and family delicious meals from your Volterra’s gourmet kitchen and still have plenty of time for hiking, kayaking, shopping, and sightseeing.

The Volterra’s induction cooktop also offers the precise temperature controls that gourmet chefs and experienced home cooks crave.

What’s really amazing about this technology is that heating only happens in the pan. The cooktop remains relatively cool to the touch, which makes induction cooking the safest option, especially if you’re traveling with young children.

Because there’s no open flame, the Volterra is ideal for those with chemical sensitivities triggered by propane off-gassing. An induction cooktop also won’t generate as much ambient heat as a propane model, which means whether you’re whipping up seafood fettuccini or a comforting stew, you won’t be raising the interior temperature of your Volterra just to get dinner on the table.

And here’s the thing we’re really excited about – you can use the induction cooktop in the Volterra whether you’re off-grid or on. With the most advanced power bank in the RV industry, the Volterra has a 17kWh lithium iron battery, two AeroSolarTM solar panels, and a best-in-class power management system to ensure that you have the power you need to spend as much time as you want off-grid.

If you’re ready to revolutionize how you think about RVing and RV cooking, then the 2023 all-electric Bowlus Volterra is the luxury RV for you.