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Why you don’t want a Sprinter Van or Motorhome

Why you don’t want a Sprinter Van or Motorhome

We often hear from Class B camper van and small motorhome owners who upgrade to a Bowlus after their camping experience doesn’t live up to expectations when they rolled out of the dealership.

So why did they buy the Class B or C in the first place? They tell us they were impressed with the Mercedes badge on the front of the vehicle. They didn’t realize, until they had their first few road trips under their belt, how much maintenance would be needed, how challenging the rig would be to drive and park, and how poor the construction quality would be – especially considering the price.

As if these deficiencies weren’t enough of a deal-breaker, they also realized the camping experience in one of these RVs is not that great. When you’re in a B or C, you spend a lot of time setting up and tearing down. When you’re ready to take in the local sights, or even if you need to run to the market for a bottle of wine or a loaf of bread, you have to painstakingly disconnect all your hookups and pack everything up. After all, when you’re in a B or a C, your RV is your vehicle. And then, when you return to your campsite, you have to set everything back up again.

Many Class C owners also tell us they couldn’t get into the campgrounds they wanted to visit because of size restrictions. Those limitations left them feeling like their only options were large, crowded family campgrounds, which wasn’t the camping experience of their dreams.

When they call us, these customers are often frustrated because they fell in love with camping – just not with their camper. Now that they have more experience, and they want something easier to maintain, something they can tow with their favorite vehicle (even if that’s an electric vehicle), and something that is built to last. They want to make a better investment. They want a Bowlus.

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